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robert mcgrath portrait Dreamcatchers Photography is the passion of Robert McGrath. The aim of this website is to showcase the photography of Robert McGrath for the enjoyment of friends, family and anyone else who is interested.

A love of nature and the outdoors comes through in many of Robert’s photographs.  Landscapes and Seascapes offer fantastic combinations of light and movement and the opportunities for stunning photographs of nature subjects are endless. 

Robert’s other passion is buildings and structures.  He is a Chartered Structural Engineer and tries to capture the magic of the built environment and the intricacies of the structures around us in his photographs.

Robert lives in North Dublin, Ireland.  The photographs exhibited were taken in Europe, Africa and North America.

Favorite Photographer

Charlie Waite (1949 - )

The landscape photographs of Charlie Waite can only be described as astounding in their beauty. The square format of most of the photographs and the use of colour combine to make stunning images.

Link to more information on Charlie Waite on Wikipedia

Favorite Artist

Jack Vettriano (1951 - )

The paintings by Jack Vettriano have something rarely encountered. There is a realism to be found in the subjects of the paintings which is a source of wonder to me every time a look at one of his paintings. It is not that I like some of his paintings but rather I have yet to see one which I do not find wonderful.

Link to more information on Jack Vettriano on Wikipedia

Favorite film

Into The Wild (2007) directed by Sean Penn starring Emile Hirsch, Vince Vaughn and Catherine Keener

Emile Hirsch is fantastic the main role of Christopher McCandless. He captures the essence of a love of the great outdoors when he discards all of his worldly possessions and goes to live in the remotest part of Alaska. If you have not seen it yet, make sure that you do. Below is a youtube link to a clip from the movie.

Favorite Book

The Last of the Mohicans (1826) by James Fenimore Cooper [pseudonym Jane Morgan] (1789-1851)

Set in 1757 this book tells the story of the interaction of the American Native peoples with the French and English settlers. This book is the second of a series of five books by James Fenmore Cooper known as the 'LeatherStocking Tales' set between 1744 and 1804. While perhaps a somewhat romanticized view of the time and now almost 200 years old, this is still one of the most thrilling books I have ever read.

Link to more information on "The Last of the Mohicans" on Wikipedia